Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pipper's Kids II

Thanks to Crystal for sending along some more pics for our family gallery.

From very early on we could tell that Pippy would be the perfect cat for Emily and Frank. She loves to play, to be held, and has her mom's easy going spirit. She's also the smallest of Piper's kids, which is great because that makes her much easier to carry around that some of Piper's big boys!

Speaking of big boys, here is Morris. Looks just like his brothers, doesn't he? A cat as beautiful and smart as Morris is quite a temptation to cat lovers in his neighborhood, and it looks like he may have been cat-napped. He is much missed, especially by Gretchen, and we're all hoping he'll find his way home.


Crystal said...

Yes we do all miss Morris so much. He was so lovable and sweet. He loved to be around people and to cuddle with Gretchen at night. This picture was taken at Christmas, he got much bigger than this.

I miss Morris. =o(

Crystal said...

Are you reading Harry Potter right now??? Is it good???? Should I buy it??? I almost did today at Walmart today but I changed my mind at the last min. I didn't want to spend the 15$. I am probably the only crazy person on the planet.

Kim Traynor said...

$15 bucks is a steal! I say buy it! If you don't want to read books 4 and 5 first you can find summaries on-line.
I'm loving it so far. I'm on page 420 and the shocks keep coming! You have to read it so we can talk about how shocked we both are!

Crystal said...

OK that's it. I going to read the summaries tonight and get my gosh darn book tomorrow. I can't stand it anymore! 420!!!!!!!! DANG!