Thursday, July 28, 2005

Parkinson Drug May Treat Fibromyalgia

Big news in the world of FMS today! A new study shows that Mirapex, a drug used to treat Parkinsons, may be effective at treating Fibromyalgia.

It was obvious that approaching FMS like other rhuematoid disorders wasn't working and now science is making a much needed shift it the way it approaches FMS.

new findings suggest that the pain associated with fibromyalgia may be caused by abnormal signal processing in the brain and central nervous system. Therefore, targeting how the nervous system sends pain signals to the brain and then how the brain interprets those messages may offer a new avenue for fibromyalgia treatment.

Mirapex is part of a class of drugs known as dopamine receptor agonists that targets this pathway. The drug stimulates the production of the brain transmitter dopamine and is believed to inhibit sensory responses like pain.

The results of this study don't sound nearly as statistically overwhelming as I'd like, but it's a step in the right direction!

About 50% of the patients had severe fibromyalgia; they required narcotic painkillers and/or were disabled from their condition.

Researchers allowed the participants to continue to take whatever treatments they were already using for their condition at the start of the study, but they were not allowed to start new treatments during the study.

Most of the 11 participants who did not complete the study were eliminated for starting a new treatment. None withdrew due to side effects caused by the medication.

Of the 49 who completed the study, those treated with Mirapex reported a significant decrease in pain compared with the placebo group. For example:
42% of the Mirapex group had a 50% or more decrease in pain vs. 14% of the placebo group.
82% of people taking Mirapex noted some improvement in pain vs. 57% of the placebo group.
The Mirapex group also saw more improvement in function and fatigue.
Researchers say the drug was well-tolerated, and the most common side effects of the drug were weight loss and nausea. The fibromyalgia patients did not suffer from hallucinations and sleep attacks commonly reported by people taking Mirapex for Parkinson's disease.


Crystal said...

Hey your O24 did work for me last night, COOL!

Kim Traynor said...

This drug sounds kind of scary compared to o24. No risk of hallucinations and "sleep attacks" (whatever those are!) with O24!

Richard Yung said...

I'm glad O24 worked for both of you. I've been using O24 for the past 5 months and found relief everytime. Other topical pain relievers like Bengay, Bio-freeze don't even compare. Now I am a believer in O24 and am recommending it to all my friends