Saturday, July 23, 2005

Rocking Horse

This is a sketch of a painting by Chauncey Homer called Morgan's Horse.

Chauncy Homer is featured in this month's edition of Art of the West. I was thrilled to learn that he uses photo editing soft ware to prepare his subjects, because I was beginning to wonder if that was taboo or something. I also loved his description of his approach; "I try to represent how people actually see something. We have a focal point, and anything in the peripheral areas is somewhat abstrat or painterly....We don't look a face and a hand at the same time, or the face and a vase of flowers behind it at the same time. Usually, with figure painting, the face is the natural focal point and the rest of the painting is treated somewhat mysteriouly. I think that in itself creates drama."

Amen! On eBay there are all these fabulous cat artists that have covered their cat in a million hairs. Yes, cats really do have lots of hair, but when I look at a cat I see an intrigueing face on a fluffy/silky/puffy body not a million tiny hairs.

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