Saturday, July 30, 2005

Scholars put Snape on Trial (SPOILERS)

Why are scholars getting together to discuss Potterdom?

According to Andrew Schutz, associate professor at St. Thomas University, "that's the one thing modern theory has done, for better or worse...It describes everything as worthy of study. The breaking down of barriers between popular culture and high culture is the first step on that route."

For the whole article click here.

With great forsight, the conference planners scheduled a mock trial of Severus Snape long in advance, presumably on charges of being a Death Eater. But after the events of the recent book the trial was bumped up to a murder case. Last night the jury handed down it's verdict here to find out!


Lauren said...

When were the kittens born?

Kim Traynor said...

I've got their birthday written on a calendar at home...I'll check and get back to you. (Over two weeks)