Thursday, July 14, 2005

Fibromyalgia and Alternative Medicine

A rash of referenes to FMS and alternative treatments has popped up this week. If you have FMS or are interested in alternative or complementary treatments for what ails you, you might want to check these out.

What Really Works?-This article is from the Washington Post and tries to briefly answer this question; "...of the many treatments in the rapidly growing, frequently bewildering field, what really works?" Biofeedback (which my Physical Therapist talked about doing but never got around to) appears helpful for Fibromyalgia.

Botox Injections-Published by the Mayo Clinic, this article shoots down the popular myth that Botox injections can be used as treatment for FMS.

Acupuncture No Help with Fibromyalgia-This has been a pretty big story. It's estimated that one out of five FMS sufferers has tried treating it with acupuncture. A new study shows no difference between acupuncture and a placebo (three fake forms of acupuncture) in the relief of FMS. The story I've linked to is provided by Fox News.

Massage Therapy-aye, There's the Rub -Not a very informative or enlightening (massage therapy helps) article from Penn State Live.

As for me, I'm still in love with my O24. I was able to buy the spray bottle in MA, where they carry O24 at CVS. Being able to spray my back allowed me to play Risk for hours and hours, and the drive and train ride would have been unbearable without the stuff. I even put some on Mark's head one day when he had a head ache and within a half hour his headache was gone. Mom also used some on her tummy when her diverticulitis acted up and she said it helped. I'm so glad I found the stuff and can't wait for the special Fibromyalgia formula to come out.

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