Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Community

We were back at New Community last night after a hiatus. It felt great to be there! (And it was great to run into Crystal and Scott!)

Aaron Niequest (who is featured in this weeks Spiritual Fitness Corner along with my BIL, Mark) brought his worship team from Mars Hill to lead worship for the evening. We've all seen a worship service start out with a rhythm section using household items, but this is the first time I've seen an entire worship set performed using mostly household items! There were about eight or nine guys, maybe two guitars, and the rest were playing things like card board boxes, sheet metal, garbage cans, buckets, wiffle ball bats...And if that wasn't risky enought, he added a new tricky part to Bend My Knee and taught us this big four part round thing that was super complicated.

Aaron understands how easy it is for people to simply check out durring worship and what he orchestrated last night is a worship experience that requires the full attention of the participants. It ended up being a great success and a much needed reminder that sometimes it's more important to push people out of their comfort zones in worship than it is to make it feel and sound as smooth as silk.

The message was titled "If Jesus Lived in My Neighborhood, Pt 2" and was given by Dave Stone, of Southeast Christian. After Randy Frazee's tantalizing vision of neighborhood community I was hoping (given the title) that this series would be on that topic, but it was a more general "what would Jesus do?" talk. The sermon was given out of Mark 10:45 and outlined four reasons to serve:

  1. Serving promotes unity.
  2. Serving fosters relationships.
  3. Serving imitates Jesus.
  4. Serving changes you.

One funny moment was when he told us we were going to be washing each others feet and then, after an agonizing pause, told us he was just kidding. He joked that we were so uneasy we probably thought he was Rob Bell incognito. This isn't the first time Rob Bell's name has been the punchline of a joke (always good natured) - that's proof that the man is now officially in the big leagues.

Dave was funny and nice and seemed to feel so at home that he made a couple of slip ups...said something like "Aaron doesn't know us" (I would assert that Aaron knows us too well!) and "I'll see you this weekend," which would be news to Mike, who is supposed to talk this weekend. Well, I'm glad the hospitality of Willow made such an impact! If people who visit feel like this is home than we're doing something right!

Next week New Community is going to be led by Robert Guerrero and a woship team from the Dominican Republic! That's going to rock!


Crystal said...

"And if that wasn't risky enought, he added a new tricky part to Bend My Knee"

I thought the new part was so fun! Especially when it was all guys up there on stage and they were singing like squeaky girls. COOL!

and taught us this big four part round thing that was super complicated.

When we went to Michigan to see our Kooi friend in February we went to Mars Hill and he did the same thing there.

Worship was so awesome last night! I was so bummed that I wasn't in the "big church". I am never sitting out there again! For worship anyway. And I am so not kidding I was like the only person singing but I did not care! COME ON FAMILY CAFE PEOPLE, SING!!! GRRRRRR..............

Crystal said...

I am so totally going to NEWC next week so save me a seat!

Kim Traynor said...

you bet we'll save you guys a seat! How fun will that be!!

Lauren said...

Caution: Lauren's shallow side coming through!

I am disappointed that Aaron is not as hot as he used to be. I mean, I totally crushed on him for like a month when I was 14... yeah. But that was, like, 8 years ago.
Not to imply that he is not a good looking man, he's just not the hottie he used to be.

Random tid bit: The Niequist orthopedics (or whatever) is down the street from my house.

Kim, I won't feel bad if you throw up after reading this next part and decide to delete the post, but I am feeling driven to say this and I must go with that feeling...

You know who IS really really hot and who gets better looking every day??
Noah. Seriously, he totally gets better looking with age. I can seriously just look at him for like an hour and not get bored, and also not be able to take a goofy "I love him" grin off my face. I really really love him and just can't get enough of him.
Sorry, I know that he's your brother and that might gross you out, but we're all adults and I'm sure you agree that your brother is a good-lookin' guy (not in an incestuous way or anything). I hope that Noah is as handsome a man as your dad is, when Noah gets to be in his later years. Though, when you love someone they always look good to you so I'll always think he's the best looking guy around.

And for you that are siblings/family members of Noah's, take this all as a compliment because you do all share traits and the familial resemblance so since he is pretty, so are you!

Kim Traynor said...

Don't worry Lauren, I'm not puking. By now I'm pretty used to having three handsome brothers. My sister Val is pretty hot too-remember that black and white dress she wore to your wedding?

Lauren said...

Again, Lauren is not in a deep place right now.d

Val is hot! Especially in that dress. I mean, I almost tossed Noah aside and asked her to be mine, but then I remembered that she is already married. Darn!
In all seriousness, You all are good looking kids. Val and your brothers (keeping in mind that Noah is by far the most handsome of all) are not the only ones that got beat with the pretty stick, you know. You and Steph and both very beautiful women as well.
I totally dig Steph's innocent smile and how well you wear those baseball-type shirts (I know that is pretty random and I'm not sure why I thought of that just now, but everytime I see you in one, I always think how cute you look in them and how I wish I could wear them.) Man, I'm weird sometimes and I'm definitely a little jealous.

Steph Stanger said...

thats cute Lauren, thanks for all the love for the Traynors...and lets not forget Hot little Malachy...thats one FINE looking baby!