Friday, July 15, 2005

piper's kids

Piper, being the smartest, prettiest cat in the world, has some pretty cute babies. Here are a couple of them (if you own one of Piper's babies send me a pic and I'll post it!)

This is Shadow who lives with Teresa and Stephen. He is a very big boy but very fit compared to his brother Tutters.

This is Tutters who lives in St. Louis with Meg. Tutters is a giant teddy bear weighing in at a shocking 17 lbs (and he's still growing!)

This is Jojo, she lives with me. She has the same coloration as the boys, but has her late father's sullen eyes.


Crystal said...

Kim, I just love these cats. They are all beautiful. We are so thankful for our little Pippy (a Piper baby). She has brought so much joy into our Emily's life. They are inseparable.


Meghan said...

I love the pic of Jojo. I was so torn choosing between her and Tutter, but I'm very happy with my 'ferocious bite cat'. (A nickname that is well deserved.) He has a pretty sweet life down in St. Louis, but it was nice to bring him back North and let him rediscover his roots. :-)

Lauren said...

I would just like to post, in case there was any confusion and in defense of MY nephew, that Tutter is fit as a fiddle.
He could likely end up as a 25+ pound cat and that is totally healthy for a kitty like Tutter. His vet said so! :-)

Meghan said...

Yay! Thanks for backing me up! Mom and Bryan were driving me nuts talking about how fat he is, and I took it really personally. Just because Friskey is 7 lbs, doesn't mean that all cats are supposed to look like that. She's healthy. Tutter is healthy. He's just growing into his Maine Coon-ness!

Kim Traynor said...

No offense intended - just noting the difference in physique between the two brothers. Both look incredibly healthy to me and couldn't have better, more loving care than they are getting!

Meghan said...

No offense taken from you Kim, I love my little furball and I know you all are amazed at how big he's gotten, not appalled. But my family has given me such a hard time about how big he is, so I'm sure Lauren just wanted to show some support. By the way, happy birthday Tutter and his siblings! (A week or so late, that is.) I can't believe he's no longer a kitten! (But you wouldn't know it with how active he is.)