Thursday, July 28, 2005

Willow Creek Community Church in the News: A Nice Article About the Theology of Architecture and Design Becomes a Pot Shot at Megachurches

This stained glass window at First English Lutheran Church was designed by parishioner Muriel Challinor.

This mosaic, which hangs in the lobby of Willow Creek Community Church, was designed and created by parishioners.

This is the second South Bend Tribune article in less than six months that mentioned Willow Creek in an erroneous manner. The first one reported that Willow Creek was a Methodist congregation and went even further, implying that Willow is an example of the decline of that denomination. This one links Willow Creek by name to questionable beliefs and practices without offering any substantiation.

Irresponsible journalism is something we're all used to, but what I still haven't gotten used to is Christian leaders who publically insult the congregations of other Christians. It reminds me of competing fried chicken joints trying to run each other out of town by spreading rumors of health-code violations and horse-meat in the fifty piece bucket.

This is not a competition, it is a family, and as long as we continue to bicker like spoiled children we heap ridicule on the name of our shared faith.

A member of First English Lutheran Church reflects on Christ's sacrifice.

Three members of Willow Creek Community Church reflect on Christ's sacrifice .


Friar Tuck said...

I dont understand what was said about Willow.

Kim Traynor said...

Seriously? Are you just being contrary now?

Okay, I'm going to assume that you mean you don't understand what was objectionable about what was said.

What was objectionable was that about a dozen ugly accusations and stereotypes were lugged at Megachurches of which Willow Creek was given place of pride (i.e. "chief of these") as the only one named by name.

The "ugly accusations and stereotypes" included such familiar favorites as "diluted theology," "like a mall," "feel-good sermons served up fast-food style," "preaching a biblical brand of capitalism and materialism," and "consumer-driven."

The only circumstance in which those comments would not be objectionable was if they were true.

I'm a thoughtful and observant person who has attended Willow Creek for more than a decade. I know Willow Creek better than you do, better than the woman at the South Bend Tribune, and better than anyone at First English Lutheran. And I'm telling you those things aren't true and are objectionable.

Kim Traynor said...

I hope I don't sound angry at you, Bubba. I'm not. I'm just extremely protective of my church family. Chock it up to misplaced maternal instincts and all that.