Friday, July 22, 2005

Upside Down Cat

Here's one most of you haven't seen before. This is the painting that finally convinced me to start experimenting with opaque paints. I can't tell you what a long and frustrating processit was to build up the values in this painting. It was also harder than I expected to paint an upside down cat. I kept trying to paint what I "know" a cat looks like instead of what I "saw."


Steph Stanger said...

I really like that one Kim, sorry it was sooo hard!

Cheryl said...

hey there, kim. just thought i'd say hello. it's been a while since i've been around. but i'm back now and was reminded how much i missed your site.

seegeepee said...

Random thoughts from all the posts I've been missing:

I like the new glasses (very Lisa Loeb);

4. " 'who is gettin' some?'
The answers to these questions are rarely what you expect!"

Mark looks exceedingly goofy in his Spritual Fitness pic;

And your upside-down cat looks like a big a good way. He's making me hungry. MUST EAT CAT

Kim Traynor said...

Thanks Steph!

Hi Cheryl! I actually started to blog because I enjoyed your blog so much, so thanks for the compliment!

Hi Chad! I think the subliminal sticky bun is probably why that one sold. I must remember to put subliminal sweets in all my cat paintings.

Crystal said...

I really like this painting too. I keep looking back at it and it is just such a happy painting. You are truly blessed with your talent.