Friday, July 15, 2005

This time tomorrow I'll have my nose squarely planted in Half Blood Prince

Tonight we're heading over to the book store for the midnight release of Harry Potter. In anticipation I'm trying to skim through Book 5 and refresh my memory, and I've read a couple of interesting articles y'all might like.

And the Word was Potter -No idea what the biblical reference is doing there...maybe a reference to the near religious devotion of the fans? Maybe. Kind of a meandering article, but raises some great questions that every self respecting adult asks themselves once the Potter bug bites.

Will the Next Potter Book Answer These Questions?
-What can we do while we twiddle our fingers and wait for midnight but speculate? (Some book 5 spoilers.)

Harry Beasts: The Animal Symbols in Potterdom are Powerful Pointers to Christian Reality
-This article appears in Christianity Today online. Includes the rather astounding statment "The gospel has rarely, if ever, been smuggled into the hearts and minds of readers so successfully and profoundly." I'm not in the Harry-Potter-is-leading-our-children-down-the-path-to-Hell camp but I think this article is an instance of a christian going a little overboard in seeking to justify a guilty pleasure. Like when people write those books about the gospel in the Simpsons. Give me a break! What was that Shakespeare line about protesting too much?